======= ENGINE PARTS =======

1929-1931 Rebuilt Rocker Arm Assembly Complete. $320.25 exchange plus $10.35 Flat Rate Shipping
This assembly consists of the following:
2 new tempered chrome-moly Rocker Arm Shafts
12 reburbished Rocker Arms with hard facing on the valve ends
12 Rocker Bushings installed and machine reamed
12 new Oil Wicks
The following core parts must be supplied by the customer (Prices shown are for defective or missing exchanged parts):
Rocker Arms, 12 required: $2.00 each
Stancions, 6 required: 5.00 each
Springs (between Rocker Arms and at ends of Shafts) total of 8 required: 1.00 each
Hairpin Clips, 4 required: 1.00 each
Total Core value: $74.00
Or the entire rocker arm assembly may be sent if preferred. Do not send any stancion bolts or studs.
We recommend using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail for shipping the core parts.